Banbury Tennis Club

Court Reservations

Banbury's Sign Up Board

Banbury’s Sign Up Board

How to sign up for a court

1.      Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 (at the top) refer to the Court numbers.

2.      Review the play times listed on the left. Play time is 40 minutes.

3.      Select the time and corresponding court. Write both yours and your partners name in the designated time slot.

4.      For play before and after posted times, names should be written in the corresponding time slot, disregarding the AM and PM.

a.      For example, for play at 9PM, write your name(s) in the 9AM time slot.

5.      The 40 minute play time will be enforced outside posted times.

6.      All players signed up should be at the courts just before their play time to secure their court. A 5 minute grace period is permitted.

7.      If you have signed up for a court on the board, you must stay by the courts as court sign ups are ‘first come, first serve.’

How to reserve a court

If you are interested in reserving a court at Banbury Tennis Club, you must phone us at 416-443-0941. Please ensure you speak to a court monitor or coach to book your reservation. If no one is available to speak to you, please leave your contact information and we will get back to you to confirm your reservation requested.

Court Reservation Rules

1. Members can only reserve courts during weekdays up to a maximum of 24 hours in advance.

2. Court reservations will only be taken by phone. You must speak with a Banbury staff member to ensure your court reservation is booked. If you leave a voice message at the club, a staff member will call you back to confirm your reservation. Your court reservation will not be booked in until this confirmation is received.

4. Only one court can be reserved per timeslot per day per member. Other members of the group playing on the reserved court count as part of that reservation and cannot reserve another court that day.

5. If members have reserved a court but have not shown up within 5 minutes of their court reservation time they have forfeited their court to other members waiting to play.

6. Banbury reserves the right to deny court reservation privileges from any member who abuses or violates the above rules.