Banbury Tennis Club


Men’s & Women’s Singles Ladder

Looking for a game? Join our Men’s or Women’s Singles Ladder! This way you can challenge players and go out and play games at your convenience!


$5 per member

Rules of the Ladder
  1. First to 9 games no add scoring.
  2. Receiver gets the choice of side to receive from at deuce.
  3. You can only challenge a maximum of 2 players above you. (For example; if you are 10th on the ladder you can only challenge players 8 or 9).
  4. You cannot challenge the same player twice in a row.
  5. There is a maximum of three ladder matches per week.
  6. All players make their own arrangements for the ladder matches as well as provide their own tennis balls. Player’s contact information will be posted in the tennis office.
  7. After winning your challenge you will take up the spot of the player you challenged and he/she will take yours below.
  8. All scores must be reported to court supervisor or to one of the tennis professionals. It can also be called or emailed in.

The ladder ends on August 31st. The player ranked #1 will receive a trophy at our Season Closing Party!

Want to Play?

To sign up for the ladder, please email us with your name and contact number. Upon receiving your email, we will contact you with the list of players and their contact information.