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Students Who Have Received Full Tennis Scholarships

Student State School Major
Christian Carrere New York St. John’s University Unknown
Sasha Exeter Indiana then transferred to Washington Indiana State University then Howard University Law
Tanya Hazel Washington Howard University Engineering
Jibade Thomas Washington Howard University Computer Information Systems
Nerissa Peterson- Paul Washington University of the District of Colombia Pre-Med
Zoya Honarmand Illinois Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Philosophy
Sylvia Jaros Hawaii then transferred to New York University of Hawaii at Manoa then Seaton Hall Strategic Communications
Quinton Peterson- Paul Kansas City then transferred to Virginia Johnson County College then Hampton University Graphic Arts Design
Janelle Small Virginia Hampton University (2006) Sports Management
Cameron Saffer North Carolina Mars Hill College (2007) Business
Shereen Peterson- Paul Florida Bethune Cookman University (2009) Business Administration
Advait Kirtane Virginia Hampton University (2010) Psychology
Ali Underhill Florida Broward College (2010) Recreation Therapy
Lakshmana Satchithananthan Virginia Hampton University (2011) Business
Student Feedback

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Student Feedback