Banbury Tennis Club

Team Rules and Guidelines

These rules and guidelines are intended to ensure a positive experience for all team players, promote a sense of competitiveness and fair play, as well as demonstrate good sportsmanship for all.

1. All players must be members in good standing and be fully paid members of the Banbury Tennis Club prior to their first match.

2. Captains will determine the number of players that will comprise the core team. Core team players have scheduling priority over reserve players. Core team players must be scheduled to play equally and cannot be substituted by a reserve player if they are available to play.

3. Tryouts are mandatory for all core players. If players cannot attend the scheduled tryout, the Tryout Committee will attempt to reschedule another date. Otherwise, they will be placed on the reserve list.

4. New players interested in team tennis at Banbury Tennis Club partway through the season may be placed on the reserve list. If the new player is ranked higher than a core player, he/she may replace that core player after discussion with the captain and the Tryout Committee. This will be communicated to all players prior to the beginning of the season.

5. Captains will determine the cost per player/team for balls, refreshments, etc. The captains are responsible for managing this responsibility.

6. All non-members must pay a tryout fee of $5 which will be deducted from their membership if they join the Banbury Tennis Club. The captains are responsible for collecting this fee.

7. Team practices will be scheduled by the captains and the club’s Director of Tennis. There will be a cost associated with these practices, which will be determined by the Director of Tennis.

8. Problems, issues, or conflicts that may arise must first be addressed by the team captain. Should the issue persist, it will be escalated to the Banbury Tennis Club Executive for resolution.

Failure to comply with any of these guidelines may result in suspension and / or being dropped from the team as determined by the Banbury Tennis Club Executive.